The Wife

While the exact genetics of The Wife strain remain unknown, this strain delivers some of the highest CBD content with great flavor offering soothing physical effects without the concern of heightened psycho activity. This strain is great for nausea, migraines, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, chemotherapy side effects, and more. Yields of high CBD extract can be  maximized with  this proven winner. The Wife is a big grower and will benefit from wide spacing and topping several times to increase the production per acre. The Wife strain seeds can be planted directly in the soil on 4’ to 5’ centers started in a greenhouse and seedlings planted. The surest way to ensure all female plants and maximum high CBD yield is to plant clones, which are all female and genetically identical from the highest CBD mothers.

As with all of our strains, The Wife Strain  Delta 9 THC levels should be assayed 3 to 5 weeks prior to anticipated harvest to ensure the crops meets the statute for maximum Delta 9 THC levels. Drought and very hot weather may increase the total Delta 9 THC levels in industrial hemp plants.


CBD 6.24-10.90%,
Ratio of CBD to THC:
Terpene/Flavor Notes:
fresh cherries
Flowering Time:
7 – 8 Weeks
Harvest Season:
Mid September – Mid October