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The Cost of a Male Hemp Plant

By June 26, 2020 No Comments

It only takes one male hemp plant to pollinate a surrounding field and drastically reduce the yield of flower and cannabinoids. Even starting with “feminized seeds” there is a guaranteed percentage of males that are going to germinate. At best, with 99% feminized seed and a field requiring about 2,500 seeds per acre, you are still dealing with 25 male plants per acre planted. Even more risky, is buying regular seed to save money, where at least half of your seedlings will be male. This will require trained scouts and additional costly to walk the fields daily, looking to spot these boys before they flower and pollinate the field.


It’s a costly landmine scenario – especially if you are farming a larger acreage. In an effort to save money buying seeds, you may lose your field to seeded flower. If you try to reclaim some of your investment and process the seeded flower, know that it will have less overall flower weight, have reduced cannabinoid content, and will require separation from the biomass pre-sale. A smaller volume of flower higher in CBD, nets more profit than a greater volume of lower CDB flower. Its quality over quantity in the hemp world.


Our CBD and CBG clones are a ‘best in class’ program. We start with cuttings from our most vigorous, feminized, mother plants. Because they come from our multi-generation, stable genetic pool of 100% feminized plants our clones are the ultimate assurance of only female hemp flower in your hemp field.

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