Chief Executive Officer

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Josh is a fearless innovator always pushing boundaries and working to improve upon the status quo.  Leading a large young plant sales, marketing and product development team early in his career gave Josh a passion for shepherding new ideas, programs and varieties to success in the marketplace.  His enthusiasm for fresh ideas in both ornamental and agricultural sectors of the global plant business has made him the driver behind countless new products and programs.  His experience founding and managing the global supply chain for the Global Breadfruit young plant tropical agricultural division of Cultivaris; his involvement in building out a reliable supply chain for hemp, and his years of work with ornamental plant breeders around the world have given him a strong understanding of domestic and international plant supply chains.  With 20+ years of hands-on experience in retail and wholesale international horticultural, Josh’s focus is to build on the accumulated knowledge and experience in the horticulture industry to reliably bring the best hemp varieties to farmers and growers across the country.


Chief Operations Officer

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David has made his mark building successful and effective teams leading to the growth and profitability of the companies he has founded and managed.  His focus on the development of human capital both inside the company – and with key vendors – and his attention and management of operational details have logged a track record of successes. Honing his skills in his 20+ years of experience in the complex environment of the restaurant industry, he has built multiple ecosystems of cooperation, respect and sustainable growth.  David’s attention to quality, customer experience and relationship-building have helped to build a strong Cultivaris Hemp team and will ensure the support and success of our customer-partners from start to finish.


Chief Integration Officer

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With a BS in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego, Felix has worked in education, event production, toy manufacturing and licensing, and solar energy for 20+ years.  He managed the design and implementation of multiple systems, servers and processes to increase efficiency and productivity – reducing costs and increasing profitability.  He managed multiple teams of technical employees and projects.  His intellectual property licensing experience in the fields of physical/digital combination gameplay and prototype development as well as his interface with Toys R Us, Target, Best Buy and GameStop give him a wide range of corporate business transaction experience.   With a powerful ability to understand complex problems and his multidisciplinary past, Felix will lead the integration team in bringing new ideas, systems and products from conception to reality.


VP of Finance

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After graduating with a B.A. from Cal State Northridge, John started his career at small bank as an analyst. Over time, he developed and gained valuable experience working in the various divisions for each organization. With the strong foundation John has gained in the years he worked in Risk and Capital Markets, he brings a data/analytical perspective to the growing hemp industry. His attention to detail and ability to adapt to any situation provides a strong supporting base for the executive team. Leveraging his banking experience, the profitability and development of Cultivaris Hemp will be his focal points. John’s experience working in various fields within the banking industry will allow him to apply his knowledge to the agriculture/hemp world.


VP of Production and Logistics

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Minerva started her career in production horticulture at cut flower grower in coastal San Diego.  In 1997 she moved to EuroAmerican Propagators, co-founder of the Proven Winners brand of ornamental plants, the industry leader in vegetative flowering plants.   As Director of Production and armed with a BS in horticulture from Cal Poly, Minerva took on the development and implementation of high-volume production protocols for hundreds of crops, many entirely new to horticulture. An extraordinary team builder and gifted operations-manager, Minerva set the standard for the newly emergent – and now dominant – vegetative side of the ornamental plant industry. Managing more than 300 staff and 4 off-site rooting stations, Minerva and her team at EuroAmerican brought more new crops successfully to market than most of the rest of the horticulture industry combined and shipped more than 950 million rooted young plants.  Her attention to detail, comprehensive knowledge of young plant production and high-quality standards are just some of Minerva’s attributes making her a critical part of the Cultivaris management team. Few people in global horticulture have the breadth and depth of knowledge in high-value, large-scale production of vegetative and tissue culture young plant propagation than Minerva Ramirez and we are proud to have her on our team.


Director of Sales and Customer Service

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Berenice believes the success of a company is measured by the satisfaction of its customers. Since her beginnings working in the horticultural industry, she felt that she had so much to give to improve the customer experience. Sales and Customer Service is an art worth mastering for her. Berenice has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business. In 2013 she received her Master Gardener Certificate. She has 8+ experience in Customer Service and Sales. Berenice’s main goal at Cultivaris is to build a strong team devoted to amaze clients since the first interaction, delighting customers one smile at a time.


Education and Farmer Relations

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Chance brings a rare combination of education and experience in both business and hemp cultivation.  He germinated his first cannabis seed in 1999 and has been growing and consulting ever since with a transition to hemp specific in 2017.  He has worked closely with both local and federal officials and agencies to help mold policy and ensure the farmers are understood and represented.  Chance is consistently advancing overall knowledge and industry direction thru involvement in teaching, think tanks, seminars, research projects, and classes at universities like Tel Aviv University and University of Colorado Boulder.  With successful farm operations in CA, CO, and NV he also has real world experience in solving farm problems in massively different geographies. Chance works closely with farmers across the country — from counseling folks buying hemp young plants for the first time, to troubleshooting with seasoned farmers throughout the growing season and post-harvest.