Mission Statement

You get out of the field, what you put into the field.

To become the premier supplier of hemp young plants, we must live true to our values and what Cultivaris stands for: building relationships and promoting education. In order to deliver a superior product and provide exceptional customer service, we work with breeders, farmers, extractors, and product companies to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with each facet of the industry. These connections not only support the individual but, the industry as a whole. It is through these dynamic connections that we can learn from each other and develop a body of knowledge to improve upon the industry’s systems and processes and create best practices.

We strive to not just provide clean, virus-index clones but, also support the growth of the industry. By supporting university research projects and providing educational material on our blog, we seek out opportunities to innovate and build upon what has come before us.

San Diego-based Cultivaris Hemp was founded to meet the substantial need for high-quality pathogen-indexed starter plants for the emerging industrial hemp market industry.  We are a group of accomplished operators with backgrounds in horticulture, agriculture, technology, and business with a keen understanding of the importance of predictable, reliable plants in the development of this new industry.  Our cultivation team is led by accomplished young plant production professionals who have grown more than 950 million high-quality young plants from tissue-cultured clean stock cuttings.  Cultivaris Hemp is dedicated to supporting the hemp industry through the development of educational resources, agronomic training, business development, regulatory compliance and new sales opportunities for hemp products produced by our customers year-round.